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Zwift android app to TV screen?

Hi folks. Has anyone tried to use a Chromecast device to cast the zwift phone app to a TV screen? I was thinking of trying this but googled and some people say they were having problems with it but nothing was recent..


  • smoggystevesmoggysteve Posts: 2,909
    I tried and it was glitchy and not worth the hassle. My primary means of using Zwift is Apple TV and although my Android Phone looks better (Samsung Galaxy S10 5g) it's doesn't like being put on a big screen which is disappointing.
  • Persevered with this setup last winter using a Windows Wireless HDMI adapter (similar deal to the Chromecast) and would always get glitches and dropouts. Decided this Winter to just bite the bullet and buy an Apple TV 4K. Removes all the stress of worrying whether you'll make it to the end of a group ride or a workout without a dropout in signal. Also does away with the issue of trying to connect your bluetooth devices to your phone via the app. You login via Apple TV and it just works.... picks all the sensors up without having to scan for them again.

    The android app is good enough if you're intending to just stream from your phone but otherwise I'd recommend the Apple TV route (or a powerful PC with a decent graphics card and plenty of ram)
  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    iPad and HDMI to TV works fine which I use. Daughter uses Apple TV.
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  • I use Zwift on my Pixel 4 XL with Chromecast and haven't had any issues. Streams smoothly, no issues with dropouts. Chromecasting quality will be based on your Wi-Fi quality - strong, uncluttered Wi-Fi network and you will be fine. Weak signal and you might get stuttering, dropouts, etc.
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