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Back Problems

I have a L4/L5 and L5/S1 issue, which has caused me massive pain for the past 10 months. I have been told by my physio to cycle...I go to the gym and cycle for 25 min but I am not sure how I should be sitting! I sit straight up no bending forward. My right leg has nerve pain when I start and then it will ease. The real issue and always has been calf pain in my right leg, which never goes away. Does anyone have anything simiular? Can you advise on how to sit on the bike for instance? Many thanks.


  • No because we arent physios and cant say what is wrong or right for you. The nerve pain could be sciatica. You should talk to someone like Cyclefit in London or Bikefit James (on You Tube) in Richmond who may be able to recommend someone or if you can get to Manchester Phil Burt who you can see on You Tube and can explain in 3 mins what takes 100 posts on a thread on a forum

  • singletonsingleton Posts: 1,674
    I have similar back problems, L3/L4 and L4/L5 disc problems that have been bad at times - enough to cause loss of feeling in my right calf as well as some paralysis in my right foot at it's worst as well as back pain and nerve pain down through my butt, leg and calf - but I now keep them manageable.

    Cycling helps me, but cycling alone does not keep my back healthy. I do a bit of running as well as some training with kettlebells and sandbags to keep some strength and mobility.

    What works for one will not be what word for another due to the nuances of the disc and the pressure on the nerves etc in the back. If you are seeing a physio - best to ask them.
  • kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,148
    Are you seeing an NHS physio - or a private one ?
    Whilst being a big fan of the NHS - I find that private physio is miles better. The NHS in general is moving towards a hands of and preventative approach.

    I have had loads of back issues over the years - one thing I have found is knowing where you are with the cycle of pain - if you are in the acute phase then you don't want to be doing much excercise at all IME - As the pain backs off you can do mobility exercises & stretches - then as pain subsides further work on core and general strength

    I have also found acupuncture and dry needling helps.
  • dennisndennisn Posts: 10,496
    I had L4-L5 disc removed and a plate bolted in its place. Am I fixed? Yes and no. I've found that daily walking is the best for me to keep things loosened up. Just from talking to various people, I've come to the conclusion that back issues are generally not going to go away and leave you like new. You can stay active though if you stay smart and don't push too much.
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    My experience (disc bulge following a car driving into me) is that core and back exercises and cycling keep any discomfort away - if I stop doing exercise for a few months I start noticing stiffness in the morning which from experience I think would progress if I continued to do nothing.

    My problems ar eprobably less than most on here but at one point did leave me with about 50% strength in my right calf and unable to walk for more than about 5 minutes so I'm keen to avoid experiencing that again.
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