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New to MTB just bought 2nd hand cube analog 2017 29er in black ,green & Matt grey

Hi everyone, I'm really new to biking again after not been on a MTB or any bike since I was about 12 ha, I've recently bought a 2nd hand cube analog 29er hard tail MTB with a 23 inch frame as a way back into riding, I paid £215 for the bike and I thought it was a pretty good deal, it has a few small chips on the frame and also that's were I want to start with my questions 🤣 so hear goes, does anybody know if you can buy a touch in paint for me to touch the paint in on the frame? Also, which is the best way to raise the handle bar height on these as I feel like I'm stooping down on the bike when just sitting on the seat and peddling along. Couple of other questions too, are the peddles upgradable as I feel the peddles are really small? Granted I have big sized 11 feet 🤣so if anybody could point me in the right direction for some decent bigger peddles that would be great.👍🏼last one, can the handlebars also be extended outwards so the bike is longer in effect?? It's a 23 inch frame but I still feel like the bike is a little short in length for me and feel like my hands and body weight need to be further forward on the bike, overall i really like the cube analog 29er and bikes have come on in brake tech and gearshifting tech since I was last on one, any help with any of my questions above will be much appreciated and along with any links to any products I might need for the mods I'm talking about will also be much appreciated 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😉


  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    Welcome to the forums.

    For touch up paint you could try contacting Cube or get along to Halfords and look for the closest colour match touch-up pen.
    Unless there is a spacer above the stem you cannot raise the height of your current bars. You could however swap the bars for a new riser bar with a greater rise. This ties in with your q about wider bars: Buy wider bars with a greater rise. Bear in mind that wider bars will effectively lower your head and shoulders though, so you have to balance rise with width. You could also fit a longer stem to increase the reach.
    There are dozens of pedals available. Just search on line and find some that fit your budget. Superstar Components do nice pedals and currently have an offer on at the moment for 25% off using code BLACK2019. That will take Nano-X Evo pedals down to £29.99.
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    This link to how to get the perfect fit on your mtb is from Bike Radar. It's good.
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    Size 11 isn't really big!

    I'm confused as you want to raise the bars so you aren't bent over as much, and then widen them which bends you over more...... and you feel the bike is too short yet making it longer also bends you over more.....

    Get an experienced rider to look at your riding position, or get someone to photograph you and compare it to online photos of someone on a similar (XC) bike.

    a 23" frame is big, how tall are you?

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    I ride a 2014 cube analog frame, 22 inch.

    I'm 6'3... And I run a medium length stem with medium length bars.

    For pedals, I'd get superstar nano if you want metal or nuke proof electron /neutron plastic composite to save some weight.

    Good size for a 10 or 11 foot.

    Also, this is a good video, it's based on road bikes but a lot can be carried over to mountain biking with some consideration
  • MostynMostyn Posts: 30
    I have a Cube Attention 29'er with a 17,inch frame, I'm 5ft.10. the 19, inch frame fitted me also. Although the 17, was a comfy size; and feels good.
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