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Rouvy Training - This workout is synchronized for a specific video content.

Hi All,

I have recently started indoor riding/training with Rouvy and must say - I love it!

Now, as I have tried few random routes, want to start with some workouts.

Want to do 30min "Cycleops 30 Minute Climbing Intervals" and it says "This workout is synchronized for a specific video content."

Is that mean there is a specific video in Rouvy route library I can us with this workout?

I mean, to have a video rather than RAW training/interval block graphs etc.

Many thanks,



  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 4,391
    Yes, the Cycleops workouts have videos to go with them although they're generally videos of a sweaty bloke on a turbo trainer rather than videos of a route.

    They are found in Workouts in the Cycleops section or the intervals section.
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