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Hamstring tendonitis Horror

Hi Folks, i'm writing because i'm getting nowhere with this injury and wanted to hear real world notes from people who have experienced the SAME issue.

It started a rear outside knee niggle when waking after sleep.
On the bike it goes away after warm up.

Sometimes i can feel it in the middle of the Hamstring body now but as ever it goes away on warming up.

This is right leg only.

3 different physios have told me to stretch it but that seems to aggravate it.

I took 2 months off the bike to rest completely and as soon as i returned it came back upon waking from sleep.

I would really appreciate some thoughts from fellow sufferers.

Considering giving up cycling for 6 months but this will likely come back as soon as i start again if i cant source the origin and change it🤔

The information available on the injury is very hazy indeed.

Safe riding☺


  • Hey. Thanks for the post. I've read it.
    Mines is back of the knee. This is top of the hamstring.
  • webboowebboo Posts: 6,057
    You don’t say how painful it is or what it stops you doing. Given your post says it goes off after you warm up, it’s not clear what the issue is.
  • kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,198
    I had the same problem - but where my hamstring attaches to my pelvis, but the problem could be the same. Basically you hamstring is fraying where it attaching to you knee. Many physio will give you hamstring stretches, but as you have found this makes it worse.

    What cured it for me was dry needling of the hamstring this promotes healing and thus breaks the cycle. Initially I got the dry needling on the NHS - but thats very difficult these days.

    When I had a re occurrence - I just a phoned a private physio - and said "Will you do dry needling on my hamstrings" - A few gave waffly replies - but once I found one who agreed in principle it was sorted within a couple of weeks.

    As I say my problem was at the other end of the hamstring - but after 3 years of being passed around thats what cured it.

    you *Might* want to start doing some hamstring curls lying on the your stomach - these stretch the hamstrings in a different way so may help.
  • marykamaryka Posts: 748
    Back of knee generally indicates saddle too high? Do you know it's a hamstring tendon issue for sure, or could it be ligament-related?

    Also I have struggled with high hamstring tendonitis for about 2 years now. A year ago I started doing some specific physio and exercises for it (mostly eccentrics on the hamstring) which has helped strengthen the muscle so that it doesn't constantly strain the connective tissue. But where I really saw a difference is when I started taking collagen peptides 5mg/day with my recovery protein drinks. Worth a try.
  • Thanks for the responses. This forum isn't v user friendly i find, why no simple reply option!? Anyway.

    Regarding the pain level, well it varies. Generally it's a dull ache on waking as noted.

    It doesn't hurt at all when riding.

    If i take a few weeks off the bike the morning ache decreases but comes back after a few rides.

    My seat is not too high.

    Interesting about dry needling. I tried it the once and decided i didn't like the invasive needle concept but perhaps i need to revisit it.

    Been experimenting with nordic curls but they're not easy at home and not easy to hit just right.

    I think i will focus on an eccentric strengthening regime.

    What an absolute censored of an injury to go down with.

    Web info says rest, anti inflammatories then stretch and strengthen.

    It may be be true but hitting it just right is where the knack lies i think.


  • joe2019joe2019 Posts: 1,338
    I've had a hamstring injury, albeit at the top, it's a horrible injury and very slow to heal.

    The key for me was to stop stretching my hamstrings, and to start stretching my hip flexors, which it seems were very tight, and pulling my hamstrings.

    It's taken about 18 months to sort it out.

  • Good u managed to turn it around.
    I stretch my hip flexors every day so that's got me wondering what my magic bullet may be!?
    Started norwegian curls so lets see if that helps any🤔
  • bucklesbuckles Posts: 694
    jason23 said:

    Good u managed to turn it around.
    I stretch my hip flexors every day so that's got me wondering what my magic bullet may be!?
    Started norwegian curls so lets see if that helps any🤔

    Any good?

    You sure it was tendinitis and not tendiopathy?

    Can you ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist?

    Mine referred me to a physio who sent me for an MRI scan, which clearly showed tears, scarring , fluid etc. around the tendon; classic signs of tendinopathy

    Had to give up racing and 7 years later it's still not right. Not exactly been religious with the prescribed exercises though.
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  • I also have proximal hamstring tendinopathy (high hamstring tendinopathy) and have for many years. As it's such a challenging injury mentally and physically, I wanted to bring people together to support each other so set up the PHT online community at If you'd like more help, there's the PHT website at and the Twitter account @highhamstring.

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