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Elbow & Knee Pads also Wrist Protection

I’m looking to get elbow pads, knee pads and wrist protection. Any recommendations please ?

Looking at under £80 a set of knee & elbow pads and about £50 for wrist protection.

Is it possible for this price or should I be looking at something more expensive.


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    Hi - Welcome to the forum! ;)
    First question is where are you riding? If you are new to MTBing and wanting something for a bit of confidence when you are on the trails, your budget is doable as the lighter protection stuff is generally cheaper.
    However, if you are looking to do something a little more downhill orientated (red and black runs, rock gardens, getting a bit of air), you might need to stretch the budget - £80 will get you a decent set of knee pads OR elbow pads, but not both.
    Personally, I use Scott Soldier 2 knee pads - good for techy trails, but wouldn't risk it on a red run at a trail centre.
    Next question is wrist protection - do you need it? I don't know anyone who rides with them (unless it is to protect an exisiting injury).
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  • Same comments as above. We need to know what sort of riding you will be doing and what type/level of protection you want.

    You can get fully armoured pads (great for DH but a pain to pedal distances in) right down to softer padded `tubes` that are light weight but offer limited protection against harder objects.

    Give us some more info and we'll try to help.
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