Cheapest smart trainer for disc brakes

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I’m trying to source a cheap smart trainer for Zwift that can accept a disc equipes bike.

It’s really weird that even manufacturers don’t specify if their trainer can accept disc bikes, but reading all the specs from the cheapests smart trainers from Tacx, Elite or others I can’t seem to find that information.

Can you please share some of the cheapest smart trainers models out there for disc bikes that will work with zwift? Thanks


  • Disc brakes in themselves aren't a limitation, it's finding turbos that work with the hub width and axle type. For example, some turbos are 12x142 bolt thru compatible, but only some supply the required adapter with the turbo.

    I was under the impression that ... bo-trainer works with 135mm hub and q/r axles, but I cannot see that confirmed in the specs on Halfords' webpage.
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    The Elite Direto works with 12x142 thru axles or standard Q/R and disc brakes.
  • The tacx flow works with an adaptor
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    wobblebob wrote:
    The tacx flow works with an adaptor

    I’ve just toke the opportunity and bought a Tacx Vortex on sale for 280 euros including their matt and tablet support.

    Thanks for your tips
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