Anyone done a Strava Summit training plan?

jd843 Posts: 59
I'm going to start one this week - never done any proper training plan before but I want to do something focused to try and maintain/build fitness over winter. Just wondered if anyone on here had done one?


  • hostman
    hostman Posts: 104
    These the ones by CTS? I started one, but then switched over to Trainerroad, as it was easier to follow the steps compared to following steps from my garmin.

    Structured training generally will give you a big boost, I've been following workouts on Trainerroad for over a month, I've never felt so strong on the bike in what is quite a short period of time. I'm assuming you have a power meter, if not you really do need to get one to get the most out of it.

    I keep the workouts to indoor stuff, 3-4 in the week, followed by something longer and more endurance based out on the road at weekends.
  • bobmcstuff
    bobmcstuff Posts: 11,196
    I have done a Strava one before several years ago, I also swapped to trainerroad. I also did one from the CTS book before I did the Strava one, they're basically the same.

    Going from unstructured training to any kind of structured training will make a big difference if you follow it properly.