Disc Brake Rub When Out Of The Saddle



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    Pilot Pete wrote:
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    Pilot Pete wrote:
    No problem, glad you got it sorted! :wink:

    Now, that final bit of rub when honking on the pedals - that’s undoubtedly a bit of flex between the frame, axle and rotor. You may be able to eliminate that with a bit of fine tuning of the caliper position assuming the rotor(s) are completely true. But I guess you’ll probably just be going out for a ride instead... :mrgreen:


    Deffo mate :lol:

    I can live with that amount of rub, I don't sprint anyway & I'm not touching those calipers again unless I have to :lol:

    Don't know if it's just me but every time I have the back wheel off it goes back perfectly, no rub. Taking the front off always seems to involve some kind of faffing though.

    Guess the back wheel always goes back in exactly the same position with the cassette but the front can be millimeters different I suppose.

    Either way I'm happy now!

    Make sure when you put the front wheel in you put some weight on the front of the bike with the wheel on the ground, if it is normal quick release dropouts. This seats the wheel in the drop out fully before locking in position. If it’s through axle it shouldn’t really make any difference...


    They are thru axles, always had bits of trouble with slight rubbing especially on the front after having the wheel off, still getting used to the whole disc brake thing I suppose.... :lol: