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Cycliq Fly12CE - Strava overlay

YostYost Posts: 56
edited September 2019 in Road general
I don’t know if I’m being dim but I cannot work out what I need to do to get this to work. I have connected my Strava account using the CycliqPlus app but I assume I need to do more than this. Do I need to have actually recorded the same ride I’m filming using my bike computer (Elemnt in my case), or do I need to have the Cycliq and/or Strava apps connected when I film my ride? Or is there something else? Cheers.


  • If it's any consolation I couldn't get it work either when I had a Fly12, the software is awful which was one of the reasons why I got rid of it.
  • kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,147
    this might help

    I did get it to work once - but it was horribly out of sync, but I think I used garmin software not cycliq
  • Has anybody been able to overlay the fly12ce with strava?
  • mike_butchermike_butcher Posts: 4
    I know this is an old thread but has anyone been able to get this working? been playing around with my fly12 ce this afternoon but cant get it to overlay the strava data, is it because i record my rides using a garmin then sync it to strava rather than recording the rides directly through strava?
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