Shoulder Pain

sithebike Posts: 213
Good evening,

I’m looking for suggestions as to what might be causing me shoulder pain.

I have been road riding for 16 years, I regularly ride two different bikes which were at one point comfortable and have had no setup changes.
I have been struggling with quite bad shoulder pain at the top of my left shoulder. It starts aching after about an hour of riding and the pain will steadily increase. It doesn’t matter what intensity I ride at.
As soon as I get off of the bike at home the pain has complete gone within 30 mins.
My shoulder causes me no pain in any other part of my life. Just cycling.
Any ideas?


  • webboo
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    How old are you.
  • sithebike
    sithebike Posts: 213
    I’m 42
  • webboo
    webboo Posts: 6,087
    As one gets older the tendons in the shoulder have a tendency to deteriorate especially if you have damaged them at some point.
    It might be worth seeing a Physio.