T7 fracture?

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Anyone recovered from one of these? I did mine 25 days ago - fell down the front steps landing heavily on my back. Most movements around the shouldblade area hurt still so not in a hurry to risk it on the bike yet. I'm up 3 flights of stairs so carrying the bike up and down is probably the toughest challenge.


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    Finally got to see GP and private physio this week. Former not much help except for some stronger pain killers. Physio says bone healing should be well underway by 6 weeks but identified major loss of flexibility in back so lots of stretching to do. Advised against lugging bike up/down stairs just yet to be on the safe side (and/or squeeze in some further lucrative sessions).

    GP has written to the local Fracture Clinic but not sure if they will bother seeing me now given the delays.
  • Hi bflk,
    Do persist with seeing the fracture clinic - when I fractured my hip needing a replacement my appointment with the fracture clinic identified osteoporosis. Not saying this will be applicable to you, but would be worth checking out just in case. I wasn’t aware of me having osteoporosis until this happened and most recently the osteoporosis has helped consultants confirm me suffering with hyperparathyroidism which they are now going to treat.
    Hope you continue to mend!
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    Got back on the bike yesterday even though back still hurts and having physio, 7.5 weeks out and still can't sleep properly at night with it so not much fun.

    The best of the exercises he gave me (ie the one that hurts the most so must be doing the most good right?) is this one:

    https://www.pilates-back-joint-exercise ... retch.html

    It hurts like eff.