Richie Porte... is he finished?



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    gsk82 wrote:
    bobmcstuff wrote:
    Well yeah, presumably he moved to cycling because he wasn't as good at running or swimming as he needed to be in triathlon.

    I would have thought there's more money in cycling, particularly when you are as good a cyclist as Porte. Regardless of ability in swimming and running.

    But he can't push himself to his limits in cycling. You can only do that in triathlon

    He can't push himself to his cycling limits in triathlon.
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    For me, he showed a lot of promise in his early years but unfortunately never quite deliverd on the big stage. Is he finished, No but will never be the rider we thought he would be.
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  • I dont think Porte was ever a real contender, (internet forum persons view) he never seemed to have a winners mentality
    +1 on that.