Race bike, how much faster?



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    If you’re just as fast with a regular bike as with a full fledged aero race bike, then you are better off with a gravel bike. Just put some slick tyres on it and done. Also solves the N+1 problem.
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    Fenix wrote:
    phreak wrote:
    Bloke I know managed to lop 1h30m off of his Maratona time by doing about 3000km a year training but with a new bike. Hard to imagine his bike (~£1500 worth + aero wheels vs £750) made that much of a difference, but with his training volume I can't fathom how he managed to improve by that much from the work he put in.

    What we don't know was how little work he did for his first attempt ?
    Did he blow up massively by pacing it wrongly ? You're not going to gain 90 minutes with a different bike unless one had the brake jammed on.

    Dunno. Obviously there is a degree of experience and pacing involved, but he improved his Fred time by about 20 minutes from one year to the next (with the new bike), which seems within the realms of possibility. An 1h30m improvement seems crazy, especially as he averages 1 ride per week, with large chunks of the year with no riding at all.