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Neck pain - My solution

CptKernowCptKernow Posts: 467
Just thought I'd contribute a recent experience / fix for my neck ache. Of course this might be unique to me but it makes sense.

Bike 1 was out of action so I had to do 100k on bike 2. For some reason the saddle was over a cm forward and sloping down on bike 2 - combined with a slightly shorter top tube (think I might have set this up when I did a crit earlier in the year).

Anyway, less than halfway through my neck was killing me. Was all I could think about and it was giving me a headache too.

Most bike fit solutions seem to suggest raising the bars / lowering the saddle or shortening the reach. However, I remembered seeing something somewhere about neck pain possibly being caused by having too shorter reach and having to support the weight of your head more.

Turns out this was the answer. Moved the seat back 1.5cm and neck pain has been banished.


  • zefszefs Posts: 484
    Yes, assuming someone is too far forward and core is weak/can't hold the weight of the neck/head area it could cause neck pain but it can also be caused by a combination of things. Rolling terrain also plays a role, so if you are descending a mountain it's wise to move the body weight further to the back.

    Another possible solution would be to look down the road using your eyes without lifting your head and relaxing the arms/hands on the handlebars.
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