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glasses v contacts



  • hadokenhadoken Posts: 29
    has anyone ordered any glasses from... ... 2437672985

    seems to good to be true??
  • dannbodgedannbodge Posts: 964
    HaDoKen wrote:
    has anyone ordered any glasses from... ... 2437672985

    seems to good to be true??

    I have.

    They got my prescription wrong (Couldn't read a number plate unless it was less than 0.5m away), then once I emailed them about it I had no contact from them, insisting my emails haven't been received (even though I used the "reply" button) and never had a failed send report etc.

    Eventually I got a refund after forcing the issue through Paypal and even then, they sent me the wrong address to send the glasses back to.

    Waste of my time and effort. I'm 99% sure most of the reviews are faked as well, I left a 1 star review with them and it can't be found anywhere

    Ended up buying a pair of Smith frames from RX sport and getting the inserts from another online shop (Vision3K)
  • fixerupperfixerupper Posts: 32
    Yeah contacts for me ...I use monthly disposables that I keep in 24 hours a day less than 10 euros a month . And I buy many pairs of cheap 1.50 strength reading glasses for close work ,a pair in my day bag , car , workshop.....crystal clear peripheral vision , I forget I have them in , fine for swimming , driving, welding and cycling ...They fit so well I have to remind myself to change them ...when I used glasses I trashed so many pairs.
  • davetexdavetex Posts: 20
    I use contacts, but have recently had my prescription added to my favourite pair of cycling sunglasses by reglaze direct. Loving them so far.
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