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Exercises to help maintain flat forearm position?

neebneeb Posts: 4,467
I'm doing 10 mile TTs on a road bike and use the flat-forearms, hands gripping the tops of the hoods position as much as I can, but I can't maintain it all of the time, I need to take breaks (going into the drops).

I've heard that triceps strength is important for this. Any specific exercises I should do? I guess core strength is important too?

Don't tell me press-ups.. hate press-ups.. :D


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,024
    Best exercise for holding that holding that position. The more you ride in that position, the easier it will get..
  • hdowhdow Posts: 183
    Imposter is spot on. You get better when you practice more.

    You don't say what is limiting your time in that position. There may be issues such as bike fit or restricted flexibility adding to a lack of practice. If so get them sorted.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Isn't that the reason they invented TT bar extensions with those comfy pads to rest your weary arms on?
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,467
    Thanks both, yes, makes sense, need to force myself to use this position more in training / longer rides I suppose.

    I think it might be a combination of things that are making it difficult. I do feel it at the bottom/outside of my triceps so I guess that’s just practice. I don’t have nearly as much trouble maintaining the same upper body position when In the drops, so I don’t think it’s flexibility. Might be partially core strength - I feel that it’s easier in the drops because it’s easier to support my upper body weight that way, whereas in the horizontal arm position it’s other muscles that are having to do that.. maybe with better core strength some of the weight would be taken off the arms.
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,467
    keef66 wrote:
    Isn't that the reason they invented TT bar extensions with those comfy pads to rest your weary arms on?
    Ha ha, yes, but then I don’t classify as riding a road bike in the TTs, so I’d be as well going for the whole TT bike / skinsuit / pointy hat setup..
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