Calf muscle soreness

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Every now and again I'll have sore calf muscles in specific spots, I don't think it is even cycling related and seems to be random when it occurs. Sometimes I'll have muscle spasms in my calfs over night while asleep, occasionally I'll wake up in quite a bit of pain when this happens for 30 secs or so - This isn't particularly common, but when I try to pin point what has caused the soreness this is often all I have to go on.

When I want to do an indoor workout, which for me is a 40-60 min session on rollers, normally following something like a GCN vid, or outdoor ride this soreness can be quite off putting.

I want to know if it's worth waiting for the muscle to fully recover before embarking on some workouts or rides? It will be 2-5 days before it will be fully recovered from past experience.

I've recently bought a foam roller to use when the soreness arises. Christ almighty it hurts like hell when you hit the spot and put weight on the leg whilst using the roller (i.e. if rolling the left leg put the right leg on top of the left for added weight). I am not entirely sure how often to do this, i.e. once a day, twice a day, 5 mins each session, 10 mins etc.

Any advice on this would be appreciated!


  • manglier
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    Rollering is the poor man's substitute for a massage, it's best done just after your post ride stretches. I'm not saying it can't be done at other times but after the stretches is best.
  • I get the pain you describe when I'm using a treadmill. Luckily it stops if I ease back on things but can take a week. A week when I'm bursting to get back on the bike or into the gym. In my case it's simply advancing years and over training. I hate my routine being interrupted but know I just have to accept train a day, rest a day is the best policy.
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    As Manglier says a massage is best. And better by far. Roll those tight spots until the soreness eases. I'd suggest doing stretching and strengthening. One session a day should be enough.

    The spontaneous nature of the spasms indicates there may be an impingement of the nerve pathways. A physio can confirm and treat this.