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C2W Options for companies

DHBikerDHBiker Posts: 5
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Cycle Solutions is the chosen cycle to work scheme in my company. I am wary of them because they have a misleading stock of bikes on their online shop and not a broad selection of local bike shops.

I would like my company to join CycleScheme because my local bikes shop is within their scheme. Do you know if companies are allowed to join more than one cycle to work scheme? I can't find guidelines that say that a company can only have one scheme provider.

Does anyone have an idea?


  • minnntminnnt Posts: 102
    My employer offers Cycle2Work and also CyclePlus. No idea if this helps you or not mate.
  • DHBikerDHBiker Posts: 5
    Thanks, mate. If your employer offers two schemes, that means it's possible.
  • wolfsbane2kwolfsbane2k Posts: 2,957
    GAH, I hate cycle solutions.

    Unless your business has signed some form of exclusivity deal with them, having an agreement with another supplier shouldn't be a problem for anyone other than your benefits team
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