Does not having a bolt through on the rear end make a significant differance

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As some of you will be aware goutdoors had the bosnut v2 onsale. The new one is coming out in the summer doh I do hope It's not got a rear bolt through.

I was wondering how much difference does it actually make? Am I correct in assuming the front end being a bolt through will have a more significant effect?


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    Mountain bikes coped pretty well with QR hubs for years. Thru axles do make it easier to get the wheel in exactly the same place after removal, which can make life easier with disc brakes.
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    What effect are you expecting to see or feel?
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    Bolt through makes a reasonable difference to multi linkage rear end stiffness, if it's a hardtail or swing arm (inc. most VPP) it makes no real difference. Boost of course makes a difference to wheel stability (as most will be bigger than a 26") and you have no decent option (but for some cheapies) of a bolt through then.
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    I did notice the difference on my full suspension bike but on a hardtail, I found it wouldn't make that much difference.

    I do prefer front forks to be through axle 15 or 20mm you can tell the difference there.
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