Pannier racks

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Hello guys,

Apologies if this is the wrong section but I need a bit of advice.

I have bought a cube acid hybrid e-mtb to use for commuting and over bike paths in forests.....etc.

It doesn't seem to have eyelets for a luggage rack.

Can anyone recommend a rack that would fit it?

It's a 29er with disc brakes, I know this can sometime cause an issue?


  • mrfpb
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    You may be able to fit a seat post rack such as topeak. Just Google "Seatpost Pannier"
    Or look at the Carradice saddle bag mounting systems - but they are specific to their bags.
  • Gregger
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    The seat post racks work fine but not on a carbon seat post
    I have used the Halfords own brand one on Northumbria coast to coast with no probs

    On a 27.5 " hardtail I used one by Thule ( had a carbo seat post hence the swap) ... k-_-100090

    An expensive set up but very stable. I note the site says will take a 29" tyre
  • andyh01
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    Hi Happy Easter.

    You can get P clips to attach to the frame to allow eyelets for rack and/or guards.

    You may also be able to attach the rack via the seat post bolt and rear axle, which is what I've previously done.
  • apreading
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    You should be able to get a seat post clamp that has eyelets for the top rack connection, and as Andy says, use the rear skewer as the load bearing bottom connection. Do not put P-Clips on carbon seat stays and do not put a rack in mudguard mounts on the seat stays - they wont be rated to carry the extra weight. If you attach at the skewer then only the wheel takes the weight - the top mount is really just to stop it rotating (falling) backwards so doesnt carry much load.

    Tailfin would be the ideal solution but only if you have deep pockets - the new ones even work on full suss mountain bikes apparently...!