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Ankle problems

DE6MamilDE6Mamil Posts: 9
Morning All - more of a reader than a poster here and looking for some help please, if possible!

Over the past two to three months, I've developed quite a sudden problem in both ankles at the same time. If we start at the top of my lower leg, below, the outside of the knee, the issues are:

1. Quite a painful ache that starts at the top of muscle that runs along the side of the shin bone on the outer side of each leg (the large muscle you can see, if flexing toes/ ankle up towards shins). I believe this is the anterior tibialis and it aches after runs or bike rides. I used to think it was shin splint related (when I ran more than biked), but biking is non impactful, so perhaps I'm accidentally pulling my toes up towards my shins?

2. If we follow the anterior tibialis down the leg towards the bony outer part of the ankle (malleolus), I have developed issues within the ankle at that point in the past 2 months or so. At one point, there was a horrible "twanging" in the left ankle. There is some ache around the heel too, where the calf attaches to the foot bones/achilles area.

3. Carrying on through the ankle in to my feet, my little toe area aches a lot at the "knuckles"/ 5th metatarsal and, in particular, the padded area on the outside just above the little toe.

Overall, my mileage hasn't increased significantly and my cleat position/ bike setup hasn't changed either. What I have done recently, which has provided some relief, is to move the cleats all the way back to take some stress off the muscles/ tendons that are stabilising the ankle joint. In addition, I've started stretching/ icing, which has helped a bit.

Can I ask whether anyone else has experienced similar, or do you have any advice that may help please?

Thanks, Eddie.


  • Advice yes, go and see a sports physio, preferably one that understands cycling, I went to Martin Earley (Ex professional and Tour de France rider now physio) based near Stoke on Trent. If that is not convenient find an alternative closer to home.
  • Thanks - I'll check it out, it's not too far at all.
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