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L4/L5 disc protrusion- plz help me guys

king2james33king2james33 Posts: 2
Hi I need help
i have disc protrusion and im 29 years old
im really into cycling , i trained a lot and really hard and i wanted to race next year but now i dont know can i ride professionally afterwards or not
right now i use one gabapentin tab every night before going to bed
im OK right now i dont have any serious pain or problem. i can walk easily i can drive i can swim and i can ride
honestly i tried 2 times , i can ride my bike(giant tcr advanced and a vintage bike for commuting) without pain - my bikes are fitted too by a bike fitter .
but some doctors told me its going to get u worse , its going to make u feel more pain and some told that its not dangerous and harmful and u can ride but if u dont have pain while cycling or a day after that
but i dont know what i have to do ? could i ride my bike or not ?
if i dont ride i feel reallllly depressed and sad and without hope and helpless.
as a therapy right now i just walk in the swimming pool and swim a little
dose anyone have any advice ?


  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Nobody on here can really give you advice about your spine. Listen to your doctors but maybe seek a second opinion from somebody who specialises in sports injuries / rehab?

    I had a L4-L5 disc protrusion in my late 30s. Hasty diagnosis by my GP, never referred for any imaging, just prescribed painkillers and immobility. No physio or anything. It slowly improved over many months, but it's still occasionally painful 20 years later. The good news is that moving about, and cycling in particular, seems to be beneficial. Prolonged sitting or standing on the other hand can be excruciating.
  • kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,198
    Sure someone will be along to tell to speak to your GP - Which I am sure you will or already have.

    Not a medical person - but have had a few back issues over the years. IME there is every chance you will be able to recover from this and continue cycling.

    Get some decent painkillers from your GP - I didn't like taking them- but if you don't chances you back muscles will tighten as you hold in a different position without realising it. I used Naxproxen and a stomach protector. (obviously under guidance of GP)

    Most importantly keep active. Get yourself a set of core exercises and do these twice daily - theres loads on google or PM me and I can send you some. Yoga and pilates can also help - there is also on youtube a 10 minute yoga warm down which I used after every ride.

    Pay and see a good physio - saves waiting around for NHS ones - and they maybe able very quickly to get you some pain relief.

    The problem for me was that most back pain goes within 3 months - so your GP is unlikely to suggest anything other than physio before then - and may not mention invasive procedures before then if at all. Surgery is a very last resort - and hopefully you won't need them but options out there include

    Trimming the disc so it doesn't push on the nevers
    Nerve abalation - where the nerves are burnt out thus giving pain releif
    and most drastic of all - spinal fusion

    *I am only telling you about these as with the state of the NHS - Your GP may not offer these options unless you ask - you want to avoid surgery if you can - Equally though you don't want to be reliant on painkillers in the long term.
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