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Never heard of this before today. Five Live programme this morning highlighted this condition amongst endurance sports and other activities such as dancing and football as well as cycling.

https://www.endurancesportsnutritionist ... atheletes/

Amateurs as well as professionals can be at risk.

Strangely, I dont think this has ever been discussed on this forum?


  • No, never heard of this either. I would say 'food for thought'...

    I was actually lying in bed the other night thinking about this. I have no real idea at all if the calories I am taking on board are similar to those I am expending during the week. I can really hammer it some weeks - 140+ miles of commuting, plus triathlon swim/spin-class training on saturdays and then a decent run on sundays. Not only do I not record how many calories I have burned (over and above the daily norm), but being a near tea-total vegan means a high calorie intake can be fairly difficult, and I have no idea about the amount of calories I put back in. I tend to just do it by 'feel' - if I feel hungry, I eat something, but there is absolutey no rhyme or reason to when and what I eat usually.

    Having said that, I have not noticed any weight deviation over the past few years, so haven't worried about it too much. I am certainly not underweight - but then again I am much lighter now at 48 than I was at 28.

    I did have a blood test recently at the GP, still have not got any results (how long should I give it before I chase our overstretched NHS for them?). I suppose this would give me a testosterone level?
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    After reading this I immediately went and ate a nature valley bar, which probably wasn't the desired intention of the author.

    It is interesting though, particularly in men that there is little indication there could be an issue.
  • This is important to 99.99% of the people that frequent these forums. The majority of puffers need not worry.
  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 9,686
    An interesting article. Thanks for sharing.

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  • More from a BBC article, although not really adding anything...
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    Spotted this old thread but RED-S (relative energy deficiency in sport) is hugely important to know about. Everyone (elite to recreational athlete, any gender, age) can succumb to it. Often with serious irreversible consequences. The running community is quickly getting up to speed on it but it has a lot of old and very damaging perspectives to contend with (e.g. considered normal for females in endurance events to lose their periods).

    I hope the cycling community also has initiatives that aim to spread awareness. for anyone interested Nicky Keay and Renee McGregor are great to follow on this topic.

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    Read an article about this at the weekend - a middle distance runner called Bobby Clay - doing a bit of cycling now as her bones are no longer up to the stress of running.

    Edit - just noticed you linked to it !
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