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Anyone ever had - greater trochanteric pain syndrome

BorderCyclistBorderCyclist Posts: 14
I’ve been diagnosed with greater trochanteric pain syndrome and advised by my GP not to ride my bike.

I’ve got an appointment with my physio tomorrow morning so will see what they advise.

Has anyone ever had this? Did you keep riding? Maybe just cutting back the intensity?

I’m due to start my TR Traditional Base Mid Volume 1 tomorrow.



  • I have not had this, but as it could be the riding (bad position or cleat position) that is causing it, I would suggest it is a good idea to follow your GP's advice until you know the cause. On the bright side its probably the best time of year to take a rest.
  • joe2008joe2008 Posts: 1,531
    I spoke to a physio the other day who said the the current thinking is to load tendons in times of injury, rather than follow the traditional pattern of rest or stretch.

    He gave me the example of heel raises with a loaded backpack being the current thinking for achilles tendonitis. :shock:
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