What wheels for this frame?

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Looking at maybe buying this and building it up.



What wheels? I know it's a plus but will normal width wheels be ok? Was looking at 27.5
I want to get the GX Eagle 12 speed, assuming this will fit?
What BB? If it's threaded, do I need a special tool to fit? Chances are I'll just the LBS to fit it in that case.

I think I have everything else I need in my basket, I just need to make sure it will all go together before taking the plunge.



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  • marcarm
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    I need 27.5+ or 29er wheels for this frame according to the shop.

    And a press fit BB, BB92 according to the manual I just found
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    I’m sure that Scott laughland runs 27.5 x 2.4s on his, he’s a sponsored rider.

    I don’t think it would matter it’s a nice frame I’d get some 27.5 wheels with a decent internal rim width of 25mm or 30 to give the tyres a good profile.

    Then you can run plus size tyres if you want later on.

    Ah pressfit bottom bracket, I’d get one fitted by a bike shop unless your prepared to buy the press fit tool.

    Spend the extra and get a quality bottom bracket like hope.
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    If you run more normal sized tyres you'll drop the BB closer to the ground, that may or may not be an issue for you, Down to about a 2.4 would probably be OK but I wouldn't go much smaller.

    Or you can probably pick up some decent 29er wheels cheaper for more trail type riding.
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