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Faster recovery?

vegas76vegas76 Posts: 278
Any tips on how to recover faster? I find I'm knackered for 2 days after a cycle... is this normal for a 42 year old?


  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Depends what you've been doing. Are you used to cycling ?
    Are you doing too much too soon ?

    Knackering yourself on every ride isn't a good way to train.
  • Much more info required to give any meaningful advice.
    How often are you riding?
    What is your experience?
    How hard/fast are you riding?
    What distance are you riding?
    How hilly is it?
    What is your fitness level?
  • Have a banana ~30mins before heading out, along with a glass of water.

    Have easily digestible snacks like jelly babies to hand, on rides where you expect to be out more than ~90mins.

    Incorporate a really gentle warm down period to the end of your ride, for say 5-10mins.

    As soon as you get in, work on rehydration and recharging your glycogen reserves, I try to have a hot chocolate or hot malt drink in front of me within 10mins of getting back, while either eating a "proper meal" or having something like a bowl of cereal.


    Maybe pop out the following day for a really gentle recovery ride for ~30mins or so, to try and reduce DOMS.

    Use a heart rate monitor and/or power meter along with a fitness guide like Stravistix to help judge when to train hard and when to take it easy.
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  • If you are riding hard, yes. Recovery will quicken with fitness improvement. Also, if you hold back a bit then you will be able to ride more often and get more overall load/improvement.
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