Rockshox reverb problem

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After recently sending my reverb away to be serviced by rockshox I've been having problems with it, when I first fitted and bled the reverb it worked fine but then would only extend and compress when the speed dial was at its fastest setting, I've bled and rebled about 4 times and I'm still having the same problem any advice ?


  • steve_sordy
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    I have used this guide from the SRAM website ... _rev_a.pdf

    It mentions two things that may be of assistance to you (below) but I recommend that you download the whole thing and then follow it precisely.

    The two things:
    1) Don't confuse the bleed screws. They are tiny but they are different in small but very important details. (I made that mistake and a Reverb was almost written off as a consequence).
    2) There are some very specific things to do with the remote to bleed air bubbles. (items 10 & 11 in the guide - do them!)
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    Ive been very careful with the bleed screws and i have followed the same guide each and every time ive done the bleed, i will do the bleed again but its driving me crackers !
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    Send it back to RockShox and explain the problems have only occurred after they serviced it.
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