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alfine hub

spatt77spatt77 Posts: 324
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Hi, well in a moment of madness/genius Ive gone and bought a Cube Hyde with a Alfine 8 speed hub. At the moment my commuter is running a 50/34 with a 11/32 cassette, which i very rarely get out of the big ring with.Now my problem is i don`t think the Alfine hub is gonna give me some big enough gears. options are ,
1. bigger chainring ( present one is brand new from previous owner so don`t really want to change)
2. smaller sprocket on the back?
Any thoughts please?


  • Probably bigger ring... a good opportunity to replace the flimsy Alfine chainring with something a bit more sturdy and get rid of the horrible protecting ring as well.

    When my Alfine ring exploded I got a Thorn one ... ing-black/
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  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    3. Bigger tyres.

    You've basically covered the options. Too small a cog on the back might impair drive efficiency and will wear quicker. Chainring is the best bet.
  • spatt77spatt77 Posts: 324
    hi, its got a brand new truvativ crankset so dont really want to change it, I think a smaller sprocket might be the answer as long as it doesnt impair gear change , I can live with a bit of extra wear as my commute is only 22kms a day!:)
  • spatt77spatt77 Posts: 324
    Well, Ive got it sorted, 44t on the front , 16t on the back, dont know what sort of per cent range that gives me but should be quick enough!
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