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Perhaps the most stupid safety idea Ever ?



  • Reading this has just reminded me of the time four of my mates got a "croggy" home from school on the same bike which was ridden by one of my mates older brothers. So there was one of us sat on the handlebars, one on the crossbar (like women used to ride horses in a lady like manner), the older brother riding the bike stood up, one on the saddle and me stood on some oversize wheel nuts at the back holding onto the saddle. Must have been a couple of miles journey which was fortunately mainly downhill. Don't think you would have seen any number plates had they been fitted.

    Oh happy days indeed
  • seajaysseajays Posts: 331
    Kids have ever been thus.

    The oft mis-attributed quote (which is actually from a dissertation by Freeman in 1907), nevertheless shows the types of complaints levelled against the young in ancient times.
    "The counts of the indictment are luxury, bad manners, contempt for authority, disrespect to elders, and a love for chatter in place of exercise. …
    Children began to be the tyrants, not the slaves, of their households. They no longer rose from their seats when an elder entered the room; they contradicted their parents, chattered before company, gobbled up the dainties at table, and committed various offences against Hellenic tastes, such as crossing their legs. They tyrannised over the paidagogoi and schoolmasters."

    We all suffer from the rose tinted glasses looking back at the past, and either forget or never even saw the truth of what was happening at the time.

    Basically it's all rampant hormones: ... 74856.html
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