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saddle position query

mr.b-campagmr.b-campag Posts: 373
edited September 2018 in Training, fitness and health
I've noticed when I'm putting the power down (esp. when on the drops) I tend to slide back almost off the back of the saddle. This makes me think I'm perhaps I need to alter my saddle position to fully engage the muscles at the top of my legs. Does that sound reasonable? If so, would it make sense to simply set my seat back further, or would I be better to increase the saddle height (slowly) so as not close down the angle my hips make with my torso?

Interested to hear what ppl think. I'm reasonably flexible (I stretch my hamstrings and glutes after 99% of my rides after being told off at a bike fit a few years back!) and the bike is the correct size for me (derived during said bike fit). I've already got a 13cm stem so not likely to want to put something much longer on than that, though it might be possible to drop the bars some more over the winter.

Will get my better half to take a pic tomorrow if that helps. :D

Thanks for reading.



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