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Voodoo Bizango Vs Boardman MHT 8.6

tk799tk799 Posts: 4
edited August 2018 in MTB buying advice
Hi all,

Just wanted to get some advice on the relative specs of the BIzango and the MHT 8.6. I know the Bizango is well regarded, but I was wondering how the MHT 8.6 compares.

Background is that I'm looking to get a new bike but haven't biked in a few years, and when I previously was it was on an old bike with no suspension. I'd like to get back into it and start doing more difficult and challenging trails. I'm city based so daily use will be roads and cycle paths, and then I'd be looking at getting out on trails on weekends, and going on mixed road / off-road rides in the lake district, peak district and places like that. I'm reasonably tall and heavy (6ft 1, 100kg) so would want something I'd feel confident could take a bit of a heavy landing with some weight on it.

Thanks in advance!

Edit - updated to include links


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