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Best phone app?

Daniel_radDaniel_rad Posts: 3
Hi guys,

What I wanted to know is something really straightforward. Is there any iPhone app that gives us turn to turn navigation like Gmaps (even something like typing a destination and choose a route) and can at the same time monitor your Heartbeat rate, like any computer does with the respective chest strap? I found that stuff like cyclemeter, road bike pro, etc can monitor the heart rate, but don't have the turn by turn navigation of maps for example...

Thanks for any help and good rides :)


  • cgfw201cgfw201 Posts: 674
    Can you not just use 2 at the same time?

    Google Maps does the best nav in most circumstances, just use another app at the same time for whatever else you want.

    Or just get a Wahoo/Garmin and get everything you need in a nice handy sized little box on your bars.
  • Well, I could definitely use two apps at the same time, but it would be a massive battery drain also.
    I made a lot of research, but I just wondered if there was really an app I may have missed that do both.

    Anyway, the best would be probably to get a dedicated device.
    I have an ancient Mio Cyclo 315, going to give it a go
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