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Edge 520 auto calculation of FTP

bflkbflk Posts: 240
I signed up for Stages Link the other day and it kindly sent me an email alerting me that my Edge has an ftp setting that conflicts with the value I keyed in on their site (which I've taken from Golden Cheetah which I reckon is pretty spot on now).

Thing is some time ago I set my unit to Auto calculate FTP but on having a fresh look, it does tend to suggest it isn't bothering - the figure is the same one it guessed at when I set it up. The only thing I can see that might explain this in the manual is that it says you must have an HRM going as well as the PM in order for either the auto calc or the manual test to work. Is this likely to be the issue? And why does it need my HR?

Also does it actually matter? I don't display anything related to ftp when I ride and Strava is using the GC value I gave it.


  • wongataawongataa Posts: 1,001
    If you don't use the FTP function on your Garmin at all then it doesn't really matter what number it has for your FTP. HR could well be needed for FTP calcs as it is the power you can sustain over an hour. If your HR is near your max then it jnows the power you are currently putting out is not sustainable for a long time and will factor this into the calculation.
  • VamPVamP Posts: 674
    I quite like to see IF and TSS during rides, so you need FTP to be correct for those. Otherwise not.
  • bflkbflk Posts: 240
    Think I'll leave it,thanks for replies.
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