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Wheel decal removal

shipleyshipley Posts: 549
edited July 2018 in Workshop
I have an old pair of Saturae C50 carbon clinchers and would like to remove the decals. They don’t appear to be stickers so I don’t think a hairdryer would work. I’ve tried acetone (nail polish remover) but that had no effect.

I don’t want to compromise the structural integrity of the wheels with paint stripper etc.

(Example of th decals here... ... imano.aspx)

Does anyone have any other ideas ??

Thanks in advance


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,964
    Presumably they are waterslide decals under a layer of clearcoat. So unless you are prepared to dismantle the wheels, remove the clearcoat from the entire wheel surface area and then refinish them afterwards, then I'm inclined to say it's not worth it.
  • shipleyshipley Posts: 549
    They are Matt carbon so I’m not sure there is cleacoat unless it’s applied just to the decals. Shame, they are a bit lairy and I’d prefer a blacked out look
  • sungodsungod Posts: 15,236
    it'll be matt clearcoat then, uncoated resin tends to be vulnerable to uv degradation

    you could try sanding it off, then respray with an external clearcoat, alternative is airbrush to hide/mute them
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  • shipleyshipley Posts: 549
    Ah, that sounds like more effort than it’s worth then.
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