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Probably a pipe dream, but help choosing a fun bike please...

joncomelatelyjoncomelately Posts: 658
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Hello folks

My daily commute may change at some point in the near future to much longer, and I am considering my options of upgrading to something more exciting than my current Boardman CX Comp, which is practical and dependable but I don't find it that exciting to ride and the commute is becoming a little bit of a chore. The stipulations for candidates are:

- fun to ride (mainly on road/bike path)
- hydraulic disc brakes
- not Campy (nothing against them, I just have never owned any, and don't have the tools or knowledge for fettling)
- rack and guard mounts (unless there is a decent alternative carrying system than can cope with 10kg that doesn't require me spending more than a few pounds on it)
- clearance for 30+mm tyres
- drop bar

- not alloy (although I am open to good alloy suggestions; I have just preferred riding Al, Ti and carbon frames in the past)
- thru axle (I'm not great at setting up QRs and consequently usually have to recentre the brakes whenever the wheel's been off)
- threaded BB (for me they seem to require less maintenance than PF)
- ability to take a Burley steel hitch

I'm not too fussed about wheels or spec beyond the above; I've got on well with 105 before, and I have a wheelset. Overall budget is probably about £2k, which sadly discounts a fully built Mason, but the other builds I'd seen were the Orro Terra C 105 and maybe the Strael 2.0 105, although I can't find the price ATM (partly because I can't access Dropbox). Other options are self-build, but I'd be a bit nervous about this as I've never built a complete bike and I don't really have much time that isn't work and family.

Your thoughts/opinions would be very welcome, particularly on real world experience and things like building up a bike myself - time and effort involved, does it reduce overall cost, and if so is it worth upgrading any components, that kind of thing.



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