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What's the best mountain bike I can expect to buy brand new for around £1500. £2000 maximum. .. I'm new to MTBing and going to save up to get a new bike next summer.

Right now I'm riding a Carrera Kraken (£450 Hardtail) and pretty much loving it, Decided i'm going to ride it into the ground over the next 12 months and really push its limits as well as work on my DH control skills for when I do get that high speccer .. Growing up I was basically attached to my BMX's but now I'm 25 I've decided to get a big boys bike. Over the last few months I've more or less fell in love with mountain biking after spending most of my summer at local trails (Red & Black) with my Kraken. It's 110% something I'm going to stick to

I'm mostly looking for a good all round bike that preforms good, looks good, withstands time and also one that can rattle down any type of rough terrain mountain bike trail that I can find out here in the West Coast of Scotland. I intend to take up serious mountain biking. When I invest my time and efforts in something I really go to town..

Ideally I want to pick a bike now so I have a bit more dedication to save up for it.. the idea of saving up for a bike I've not seen yet is a bit discouraging for me. If I have my mind set on a good bike, I'll be more eager to save for it and probably have it sooner.. £1500-£2000 is a lot of money for me so ideally I want to get the highest spec possible for my money and invest it cleverly.

I would very much prefer a full suspension bike over a hardtail next time round as I've never had a good full susser in my life. The Carrera kraken is as good as its got for me ... I had my eye on the Giant Trance Series Bikes. Specifically the 2 and the 1.5 They look great to me. Right up my alley in terms of visual. Above that, the specs on them also look insane, all components on each of them look well branded and high quality as well. Have a look...

Giant Trance 2 GE MTB Full Suspension Bike:

Giant Trance 1.5 GE MTB Full Suspension Bike:

are any of these 2 bikes a wise move for the money? is there any other bikes of similar spec that would be better within the same price range??? Any suggestions for my first serious mtb bike would be greatly appreciated.


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    Both bikes are well looking at, but don't fixate on any particular one as things change constantly and you may be able to get something even better nearer the time.
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    The 2 bikes you have linked to are 'grey' imports. As well as having to swap the brakes over you may need to check on the warranty validity in the UK.

    There are a few good outlets for discount bikes in the UK (e.g. Paul's Cycles, Pedal On and Rutland Cycles).

    I'm slightly biased but the Trance is a great bike and you won't be disappointed with one.
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