Bottle cage that can take dh

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I am looking for a bottle/cage combo that will not come out on full downhill courses ect for my enduro bike. Looking at a number of them on the market I'm not feeling overly confident I'll get to the bottom with my bottle still attached .


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  • FishFish
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    And you can tell from the number of bottles I find in bumps and jumps that you have cause to think about it.

    I use a standard metal one and before putting the bottle in (even if it is just a bottle from the supermarket) I press down on the cage to make it narrower. Works fine.
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  • angry_bird
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    Yeah, I'd either go with a metal one or something like an Elite Custom Race with some sandpaper glued on the inside of it. Nice large surface area for the extra gritty grip.
  • The Rookie
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    Gripper tape plus by a cage with the nipped over top that grips the upper ridge on the right size bottle.

    Something like ... ottle-cage
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  • Paul 8v
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    King cages are supposed to be "king" for that sort of thing. Not cheap though (Probably cheaper than continuously buying bottles though!)
  • mamil314
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    Arundel Mandible is pretty famous for strong grip if you are looking to save weight over 'customisable' metal cages
  • RichardSmart
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    Why not just get a Camelbak? :P
  • shirley_basso
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    Frame mounted water carrier?
  • froze
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    Does anyone know if the Zefal Spring bottle cage (frame mounted) will hold stainless steel bottles for long touring trips? Or is there something else better? My current cages are not strong enough, but they are just alloy cages, and they bend every time I try to get a bottle out. On long tours I would use a Camelbak but that would be in conjunction with 3 bottles on the frame to go along with it.
  • keef66
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    I've stuck with Lezyne Flow cages for a few years now. Grip like a dobermann on my Podium bottles. In fact it took quite a lot of practice to be able to take a bottle out on the move. I cannot imagine one coming out of it's own accord.