Knee pain

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Hi all,

Hope someone can help me. I like to cycle in the Summer when the football season has finished. Normally this causes no problem. 2 weeks ago I rode 35 miles with no issues. I did the same last week and about 20miles in, started to get a pain in the outside of my knee which got progressively worse.

Same thing again this week but during the week the pain subsided to nothing.

Nothing has changed in my setup so why is this happening and what can I do to stop it happening?

Thanks for any advice:)


  • zefs
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    Do you mean on the kneecap? If yes your saddle could be a bit low, make sure your knee is straight when you put your heel on the center of the pedal at the 6 o'clock position. As for why it happened although you had ridden on this position before without pain, it's probably that your body could tolerate the pain but now it started to complain. Also you seem to not be doing miles often so your body hasn't get used to the position. Do you use clipless pedals, what's your setup like?
  • No I clip into my pedals and the knee pain in on the outside. As I look down on my knees it's on my left hand side of my left knee. Not on my knee cap, to the side of it.

    Thanks for any help/advice you can give :)
  • zefs
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    Could be that your cleats are setup incorrectly, after checking the saddle height use this guide to set the cleats: ... ust-cleats
    Does your knee track straight? (you can look at it while pedaling)
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    try this for possible causes/options...

    it's perfectly possibly to ride without any apparent problem even if shoes/footbeds/cleats/whatever aren't correct for you - but then one day a chance move triggers a problem
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    sungod wrote:
    try this for possible causes/options...
    Nice link, thank you! By coincidence I came here to post almost exactly the same question - only differences are, my pain is at front of knee (not outside) and I don't use cleats. Will watch thread with interest.
  • I've adjusted my saddle to be slightly higher and my cleats to be more aligned with the ball of my foot. Have also taken over a week off from the saddle.

    Really appreciate the help and will report back with results.