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Mount Etna

cld531ccld531c Posts: 517
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Hopefully staying with a friend in Sicily later in the year and taking the bike over. Apparently they are not too far from Mount Etna. Anyone climed it? Is it as horrid as I suspect?



  • shirley_bassoshirley_basso Posts: 6,194
    Taken from the Giro this year:




    3D route:- ... site-embed
  • cld531ccld531c Posts: 517
    Not too steep just a bloody long way!
  • tomisitttomisitt Posts: 257
    I did it from Nicolosi a few years back. The climb itself isn’t too bad, but it can get seriously hot and there’s no shade. Make sure you’re well hydrated when you start, and take plenty of water. Great experience, though.
  • elbowlohelbowloh Posts: 7,078
    When are you going? I did it in October a few years back and got to 100m or so from the top and couldn't get any further as the road was covered in snow! It's a lovely climb with some great views. The descent was fecking freezing through and the group I was with were all suffering with hypothermia when we reached the bottom. The day we arrived, all the roads in the area were covered in volcanic ash due to a recent eruption, by the next morning all the major roads had been cleared, but some of the routes up the volcano were still covered. A day after that it was pretty much all cleared.
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