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Can a triple replace a double crankset? Boardman FS Team

epickardepickard Posts: 7
edited May 2018 in MTB workshop & tech
So i've bought a boardman fs frame 2012 with the intention to switch all my nice XT parts across to it.

Original spec states:

Chainset: FSA Comet 42/27T
Front Mech: SRAM X7
Gear Shifters: SRAM X7 2x10
Number of Gears: 20
Rear Mech: SRAM X7

But I've tried to fit a Shimano Hollowtech triple which fits in the bottom bracket, but the small looks ring does look cramped\tiny against the adjacent suspension Arm.

I'm also planning to add a Shimano XT triple front mech with XT rear mech and shifters.
Which again the the little cog on the cassette looks mightly close to the suspension arm.
Should I go all Sram parts?

Am I trying to do the impossible?

Does a Boardman only work with a double crank ?

All help appreciated!

Big thanks in advance.


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