Saddle issues and advice

Chinn39 Posts: 17
I have started to develop soreness following rides on both sides of tops of legs / perineum.

I have comfortable Lusso shorts and bib tights and pain red marks occur with both. No change made to bike setup. Currently have old charge spoon saddle.

I am thinking I need to upgrade saddle but after advice on how to address specific issues above.

Do I need a narrower saddle or one with more padding or different position? Any sensible advice appreciated.


  • kingrollo
    kingrollo Posts: 3,198
    No 1 thing for me would be to start doing some stretches - esp hamstring stretches. Next get a bike fit done by a good fitter - Do you use chamois cream ? if not it might be worth a try.

    Saddle advice is a very personal thing. I found comfort with a great big brooks b17 imperial (cut out) - the leather moulds to the shape of my ass - others have tried it and hate it !!!
  • zefs
    zefs Posts: 484
    Measure sit bones and add 20-30mm to find saddle width. A saddle with cutout relieves pressure in perineum, also make sure the bib shorts are the correct size for you and have quality padding. A saddle will be uncomfortable if it's setup incorrectly (height/fore aft/tilt) even if it's the right one for you.
  • joey54321
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    If this has just started then I'd first try and identify what has changed. New bibshorts, saddle slipped, longer distances, more training, more intensity, too much pressure in your tyres, weight gain?
  • navrig2
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    Could be warmer weather and sweat rash related.

    Change out of bibs immediately after riding and shower asap. Dry thoroughly and apply sudocream and a non-perfumed moisturiser.