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Which of these bikes is best for commuting?

EllaWhitEllaWhit Posts: 2
edited May 2018 in Commuting general
Hi all,

My Ridgeback Meteor was recently stolen so I'm looking to get a new hybrid bike. I was happy with this bike but it was a bit heavy and i'm looking for something a bit faster.

My budget is £650 and I would like to get the best specced bike for the money (substance over style :lol: )

My shortlist based on my inexperienced search is:

TREK FX3 Disc ... c/p/21572/

Ridgeback Vanteo 2018 ... JSTPD_BwE#

HOY Shizuoka .002 2018 Hybrid Bike ... e-EV246155

I'm also open to suggestions if there's a bike that's clearly better!

Thank you guys


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