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trainingpeaks - can you plan workouts using basic subscription?

3wheeler3wheeler Posts: 110
Background is that I was hoping to use a wahoo elemnt bolt for training where I can create an interval session and the device will display useful information to follow during a ride. However, seems like you can only create the workout using trainingpeaks or today's plan, so I was wondering if you can do what I want using the free/basic subscription to TP?

If not I'll probably be sending the wahoo back; £200 for the device and then between £75 and £176 per year for the 3rd party app subscription suddenly starts getting very expensive.


  • Yes you can. When you plan your workout you define the day you want to perform that workout. It'll be displayed on the Wahoo on the day you are supposed to perform it.

    IIRC you might be able to plan your workout further into the future on a paid account than a free account but I rarely plan workouts so can't say for sure.
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