Deda stem/handlebars bolts from FSA

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I have zero 100 deda handlebars and stem, these bolts have rusted over winter. I have some titanium bolts from an FSA handlebar and stem. Does anyone know if there is a standardisation for bolts, i.e - can I use the same FSA bolts for Deda cockpit, they look the same length to me but need to measure. Or do these companies use different threads?


  • pilot_pete
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    Probably the same, but just hold them side by side to compare. Length maybe different but threads will be metric, so if the diameter is the same the thread will be the same. Only other issue is head shape - these can differ and one might not fit into the recess in your stem/ bar clamp. Local engineering supplies place is the place to get them, I get stainless ones and they caharge peanuts compared to bike shops which add a premium!

  • sungod
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    threads on both will be metric

    assuming length is ok, just measure the diameter to see if they are the same, otherwise try screwing in just with fingers, if it feels right, it's right

    use some antiseize on the threads to reduce the chance of galvanic corrosion (ti/al is even more likely to suffer this than steel/al)
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