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Training peaks form question ....

bristolpetebristolpete Posts: 2,255
Can anyone shed any light on a question I have regarding form on Training Peaks. On the 'whole' I get the software and has been excellent for me so far allowing me to ride high intensity Tuesday and Saturday my two days off work, combined with easy commutes on the days I am in work to manage fatigue. In the process of riding with power developed more in 15 months than in 10 years of plodding about.

But If I refer you to the the link and then the second paragraph it says ... s-balance/

Once the software has done the math, the remainder is your Form (by the way, the resulting Form value is for tomorrow—not for today.)

The bit I have been puzzled by is form. If my form is +10 tomorrow, is it actually saying that the +10 Saturday morning reading is saying that Sunday could produce good legs and that today's figure +4 is actually a reflection of what tomorrow might feel like e.g Fridays reading is Saturdays form ?

I use the TP guidelings for 0 to +25 when tapering / allowing the batteries to recharge following a heavy TSS week if I take on some Devon hills.

I ask as literally til today I have used the figure I wake up to as a reference point for that days riding, but now wonder if I should be working a day ahead ? Is this the case ?

Any input greatly received.


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