Front Derailleur replacement [Beginner]

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I just bought my first bike after elementary shcool lol. I currently have a Shimano Tourney TY510, Top Swing, Dual Pull, 31.8mm Clamp Diameter as the front derailleur. I think it needs to be replaced. Any recommendations on an upgrade from that derailleur without breaking the bank account? The bike is a second hand Diamndback Trace with 3x7 shifter config. Got a pretty good deal and the bike looked brand new when i got it, it just needed some adjustments. I just need something more reliable and sturdier. Maybe later i'll buy a better bike but for now this is all i need. Thanks this is my first post in the forum!


  • The Rookie
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    Alivio is the most cost effective, but personally I’d check eBay etc for someone local selling one that matches what you needed.
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    Thanks for the recommendation. i have Altus for my rear derailleur. Anyone has info on the front Altus derailleur?
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    Alivio and altus are pretty similar. I'd just get either that fit the bike.