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    My concern is the way these cases can damage reputations of hospitals and medical staff. Alder Hey is one of the best specialist, tertiary hospitals specialising in treating children. Just like GOSH, it's world class. However the vultures that offered hope where there wasn't have set up conditions such that unfair criticism of Alder Hey becomes accepted widely. Will this damage be serious and last I doubt it but it's unfair.

    BTW we spent a few weeks there with our child but in the old hospital. There was issues with it that related to its age (censored roaches coming out of wards into the main corridor). But others were down to nurses having a lazy night shift sat on their behinds eating cake and drinking tea while patients were waiting an hour for their medicines. Doctors there we dealt with and who dealt with other patients were really the best that we've had dealings with. A big step up from our local secondary hospital doctors.

    The new Alder Hey is infinitely better. They were building it while we were here. I saw the plans, very impressive. The McDonald's building where family members of sick children can stay close to the hospital was amazing. One parent can sleep in a bed next to their child but the other can use that McDonald's building if there's space. It's part of the whole Alder Hey package I saw as top class.

    BTW as sad as this and similar cases get, in some ways it's a relief the child's suffering ends. RIP.
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    nickice wrote:
    Poor little boy. It's hard to get your head round the 'best interests of the child' being to let him die but I'm not suggesting any malevolence on the part of the hospital. I know if it was my son I'd want him to stay alive as long as possible even if it were hopeless.

    How many wholly curable children's lives are you prepared to sacrifice for the slightly extended, but not happy life of your own? Because in a world of limited resource, that is the decision you have to make; a futile extension to your child's life or the meaningful saving of the life of another.

    This will of course just get worse over time; this is just the start of it.
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