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Shimano I-Spec Confusion

carms28carms28 Posts: 27
edited April 2018 in MTB workshop & tech

This has probably been discussed to death but even other threads I read confuse me.

I have a XT M780 Shifter and an SLX M675 brake which I want to put on one clamp. I think both are I-Spec B.

Can someone tell me how I put them on one clamp? do i just need to buy an shimano I-Spec B adapter?



  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 22,787 Lives Here
    Yes, if they are both i-spec b. Been a while since I built mine up but as I recall there’s a different bit on the shifter (top cap I think) that you change so it can bolt to the brake lever.
  • You need this silver part which is I spec B, I spec A has a little hook on it.

    The M675 should already have the hardware installed on it, otherwise you need the little bolt kit.
    I think the part number is - y6uv98090
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,623
    You don't just need the silver part. You need a new top cover for the gear shifter as well.

    SJS Cycles sell the top cap and the nut kit.

    It is probably easier and maybe cheaper to buy a second hand i-Spec B shifter off eBay.
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  • cobbacobba Posts: 282
    carms28 wrote:
    I think both are I-Spec B.
    If you're not sure of what you have, look at the following image which shows compatibility of I-Spec A and I-Spec B.
  • carms28carms28 Posts: 27
    Sorted...... Excellent thanks guys! 8)
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