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Removing seized pedal

gubber12345gubber12345 Posts: 493
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Having quite a bit of bother removing a pedal from the crank.I have ran out of ideas how to get the pedal off...thought it would have been handy enough cos I used the copper grease when I put them came off easily enough but the other is a different ball game

Anyway has anybody got any ideas or tips how to get it off

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  • One is a left hand thread the other a right, are you turning it the correct way?
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  • gubber12345gubber12345 Posts: 493
    One is a left hand thread the other a right, are you turning it the correct way?
    Yeah...1st thing I checked just in case
    Lapierre Aircode 300
  • gazza1286gazza1286 Posts: 45
    A dedicated pedal spanner and a mallet will do it every time. Sounds like you've had them off recently so persevere. It'll just need a jolt to get it started.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Nice long pedal spanner and a rubber mallet.
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  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Several toe straps or similar to hold the other crank whilst trying all the above to remove the pedal. Soak with plusgas or similar and try again.
    I had the same situation recently with a pair of pedals that had been on the crank less than six months and greased when fitted, not helped by the 8mm allen key needed, not a pedal spanner to remove them.
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  • AndymaxyAndymaxy Posts: 197
    Go in this order
    1. A pedal spanner with looooonnnnnggg lever
    2. Penetrating oil(spray on and leave over night)
    3. Heat up the cranks, but not the pedals
    4. Use some thing like finish line chill zone on the pedal axle to bring it to extremely low temperature
    5. Do both 3 and 4
    6. Yank the cranks and pedals off, toss the in the garbage, get a new one, and remember to use antiseize this time.
  • AndymaxyAndymaxy Posts: 197
    Just gonna add do it at ur own risk, don't blame me if it burns your house down.
  • My 2006 Time ATAC Carbon XS pedals looked to be seized on my old Felt F5C, when I tried to remove them to put on my Voodoo ~2 years ago. I went wild with GT85 IIRC around the screw threads, suddenly remembered the pedals at least months later while waiting for the Cube to arrive, came off with pedal spanner.
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  • Vino'sGhostVino'sGhost Posts: 4,129
    Ive found some of the stuff from halfords works, penetrating fluid that freezes and then CRACK out they come. Works on siezed everything including seat posts / bottom brackets etc.

    Use it with the door and windows open ............
  • Jay85beJay85be Posts: 8
    More force.

    I've always ridden with SPD pedals but recently switched to SL. the SPD's were so stuck I ruined multiple allen keys. I bought a larger set and some creeping oil and I tried to apply as much force as I could with my foot. It came out eventually.

    The joy was immense.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Have got a garden rake or something similar ? You need a long metal tube to go over the spanner to give it more force.

    Worked for me anyway !
  • Nick PayneNick Payne Posts: 288
    If it's the non-drive side crank and the pedal is very difficult to remove, it's usually easier to remove the crank from the axle, fit spanner to pedal with an acute angle between spanner and crank, and then either rest the spanner on the floor and push the other end of the crank down, or vice versa.
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